What is an Original Print ?

An original print is created and designed by an artist, typically signed and numbered in a limited edition.

In the fine arts printmaking designates all the processes of the creation and production of originals by hand. This includes etching, woodcuts, screen-prints, lithographs etc. and more. The work is done wholly or mostly by the original artist and the number of prints – the “edition” is limited. In other words, it is made by the artist and there won’t be many of them. You will find the edition number written under the print e.g. 12/50 means that only 50 of that design will be made and the print is number 12.

It is not a commercially printed reproduction. Reproductions are a copy or facsimile of an artists work by mechanical means and are often referred to as ‘Art Prints,’ ‘Limited Edition Posters,’ or ‘Giclee Prints.’ They have no connection to an artists’ creative use of printmaking mediums and are not original pieces of art.

When you buy an Original print you buy art that is designed, made and approved by the artist.