Screen Printing (sometimes called a silkscreen print)

Screen printing is a process in which ink is forced onto paper through a fine mesh screen stretched around a wooden or metal frame, by pulling a rubber squeegee across it. Each colour is printed one layer at a time, in a predetermined order to achieve different effects.

The design for each colour has to be put onto a screen by a process of applying a thin layer of light sensitive emulsion, followed by exposure to light in a dark room. Areas of the emulsion filled screen are covered by the design shape and in this way remain unaffected by exposure to light. These areas can then be washed away leaving a design stencil in the screen through which ink can be forced to print onto the paper underneath. A separate screen is made for each colour. Colours are printed individually and left to dry before applying the next layer. A different type of print bed is used to print on paper or textiles, and different types of dyes and inks are used.